The overall objective of the AFI SECFAL Plan is to enhance aviation security and facilitation in Africa in a sustainable manner.


  • To achieve the goals and objectives of this Plan, it is essential that African States demonstrate strong political and technical commitment to building capacity, particularly in compliance with Annexes 9 and 17, and to share resources, experience and information amongst themselves.


  • The secondary objective of the AFI SECFAL Plan is to coordinate and align all capacity-building efforts in the field of AVSEC and FAL by ICAO, States, regional and international organizations, and governmental and non-governmental organizations with ICAO policies, in order to contribute to the overall objective.


  • The AFI SECFAL Plan will also address the need to strengthen various AVSEC and FAL aspects related to organizational, managerial, institutional, economical, educational and political factors within the Region.
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