Common Aeronautical Virtual Private Network (CRV)


The CRV is an Asia-Pacific aeronautical network for Asia-Pacific and Middle East ICAO Members. A wholly dependable and reliable communications infrastructure for aeronautical communications, enabling the global roadmap (ASBU B0-FICE, B0-NOPS, VoIP and B1-SWIM modules).

The network utilizes PCCW Global's worldwide MPLS network to provide secure connectivity between ANSPs for the purposes of:

  • Ground to Ground Voice Communications 

  • AFTN/AMHS Data

  • ADS-B data sharing

  • Future SWIM connectivity

  • Other technologies and services as agreed

There are also services available to be consumed via the CRV network. At present these are:

  • Aireon Space Based ADS-B


CRV is managed by the Operations Group, made up of member ANSPs.

*** CRV History - 2014 ***

How to Join or Provide a Service ?

  • If you are an ANSP wishing to connect to another ANSP or consume a service, please email the APAC CRV Portal administrator at Mr. Vaughan Hickford. with a copy to Ms. Soniya Nibhani.
  • If you are proposing the provision of a service be added to the CRV, please liaise through your sponsoring ANSP.

For any questions please contact one of the CRV OG co-chairs or CRV OG Secretary:            

CRV OG Co-Chair (Asia)  :  Mr. Vaughan Hickford 

CRV OG Co-Chair (Pacific)  :  Mr. Kelepi Dainaki

CRV OG Secretary  :  Ms. Soniya Nibhani

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