Seamless ATM Reporting

- ANS implementation in Asia Pacific: the latest Regional Pictures of the implementation

    -  Updated on 04 July 2018

- To see the status of Air Navigation Services in Asia Pacific (and other ICAO Regions): consult iStars ANS Application

- To report please use the Seamless ATM reporting scheme   - Group name: RO_APAC

*** Access to the iStars Application Air Navigation Implementation – Actual require to be granted access to iStars first

*** Access to the Seamless ATM reporting page require members to login at and subscribe to group name RO_APAC.   If you do not have Secure Portal account please follow the instruction outline in ICAO Secure Portal Access Instructions.pdf

Note: The ICAO Secure Portal access is restricted to users from a Member State’s Civil Aviation Administration and governmental bodies/agencies involved in non-commercial aviation activities. 

For further information, please contact: 

        ICAO APAC Office

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