Fifth Meeting of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Directors
of Civil Aviation (NACC/DCA/5)
(Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, 28 to 30 April 2014)
Port-of-Spain Declaration
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Invitation Letter​
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General Information​
​Final Report

Order of Business
​Order of Business # 1 - Monday 28 April​
Working Papers 
#​ Item​ Title​ Date​ Language​ ​
Provisional Agenda And Schedule of the 5th North American, Central American
and Caribbean Directors of Civil Aviation Meeting. -  (Presented by the Secretariat​)
​WP/02 ​2 ​Status of Outstanding Conclusions from Previous Meetings of the North
American, Central American and Caribbean Directors of Civil Aviation Valid
at the End of the NACC/DCA/4   (Presented by the Secretariat​)


WP/03 ​4.1 ​Regional Analysis of the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) Continuous Monitoring Approach (CMA) Results (Presented by the Secretariat​) 28/03/14
WP/04 ​4.2 ​RASG-PA Progress Report  (Presented by the Secretariat​) 25/02/14
WP/05 5.1​ ​CAR/SAM Regional Planning and Implementation Group (GREPECAS)  (Presented by the Secretariat​) 15/04/14
​WP/06 5.2​ ​Air Navigation Deficiencies (Presented by the Secretariat​) 09/04/14
WP/07 ​5.3 ​Results of the Fourth North American, Central American and Caribbean Working Group Meeting (NACC/WG/4) (Presented by the Secretariat​) 14/04/14
​WP/08 5.4 NAM/CAR Regional Performance-Based Air Navigation Implementation Plan
(NAM/CAR RPBANIP) (Presented by the Secretariat​)
​WP/09 5.6 ​Ratification of Article 3 Bis of the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation (Presented by the Secretariat​) 08/04/14
​WP/10 ​6.1 ​Resultado de la Primera Reunión de Directores de Seguridad Operacional y Navegación Aérea (CAR/DCA/OPSAN/1) (Presented by the Secretariat​) 10/10/14
​WP/11 ��7.1 ​Results of the Second Cycle of the Universal Security Audit Programme (USAP) and Transition to a Continuous Monitoring Approach (CMA) (Presented by the Secretariat​) 08/04/14



​8.1 ICAO Technical Cooperation Project– Implementation of Performance-Based Air
Navigation Systems for the CAR Region (RLA/09/801) – A Tool for Streamlining Air
Navigation Implementation (Presented by the Secretariat​)
​WP/13 ​5.4 ​U.S. Implementation of the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Block 0 Modules (Presented by United States​) 22/04/14
​WP/14 ​8.5 ​Results of the First Meeting of the NAM/CAR Regions Civil Aviation Training Centres (NAM/CAR/CATC/1) and Creation of the Training Working Group (Presented by the Secretariat​) 17/01/14
​WP/15 ​8.6 ​Summary of Discussions of the Meeting to Develop the Airport-to-Airport
Mutual Aid Project Plan (Presented by the Secretariat​)
​WP/16 ​9.1,9.2, 9.3 ​Environmental Matters (Presented by the Secretariat​) 08/04/14
WP/17 ​11.1 ​Outstanding Contributions receivable and ICAO’s Financial Situation,  (Presented by the Secretariat​) 07/04/14
​WP/18 ​11.2 ​Host and Dates for future NACC/DCA Meetings (Presented by the Secretariat​) 01/04/14
WP/19​ ​7.3 ​NAM/CAR Regions Security and Facilitation Activity (Presented by the Secretariat​) 09/04/14
​WP/20 ​5.7 ​The Bahamas Flight Information Region (FIR) (Presented by Bahamas​) 14/04/14
WP/21 ​5.7 ​The Mini Global Demonstration (Presented by United States​) 22/04/14
Information Papers 
#​ Item Title​ Date​ Language​ ​



​-- ​List of Working and Information Papers and Presentations (Presented by the Secretariat) ​28/04/14
​IP/02 2​ ​Results of the 38th Session of the ICAO Assembly (Presented by the Secretariat) ​24/03/14
IP/03 ​4.3 ​ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan. -  (Presented by the Secretariat) ​25/02/14
​IP/04 ​4.4 ​Establishment of Runway Safety Teams (RSTs) (Presented by the Secretariat​) ​25/02/14​
​IP/05 ​5.5 ​ICAO Fourth Edition Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP), Annual Global Air Navigation Report and Implementation of the ICAO Regional Performance Dashboards (Presented by the Secretariat) ​14/04/14
​IP/06 ​7.2 ​ICAO/LACAC NAM/CAR/SAM Aviation Security and Facilitation Regional Group (AVSEC/FAL/RG) (Presented by the Secretariat​) ​09/04/14
​IP/07 ​8.2 ​Progress of Project RLA/03/902– Transition to GNSS/SBAS in the CAR/SAM Regions – SACCSA – Phase III (Presented by the Secretariat​) ​07/04/14
​IP/08 ​8.3 ​ICAO Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation (CAPSCA) – Americas (Presented by the Secretariat​) ​24/03/14
IP/09 ​9.3 ​Climate Change Adaptation of Civil Aviation (Presented by France​) ​08/04/14
​IP/10 ​9.1 ​Estado del Plan de Acción de la República de Cuba sobre las Actividades para la Reducción de Emisiones CO2 , (Presented by Cuba​), Available in Spanish only ​28/03/14
​IP/11 ​4.3 ​Experiencias en la Implantación del Programa de Seguridad Operacional del Estado (SSP) y Perfeccionamiento de los Sistemas de Gestión de la Seguridad Operacional (SMS),  (Presented by Cuba​), Available in Spanish only ​28/03/14



​4.4 ​Runway Safety, (Presented by CANSO) ​22/04/14
​IP/13 ​8.7 ​On Going Cooperation between France and Haiti (Presented by France​) ​07/04/14
IP/14 ​10.1 ​ICAO-LACAC Multi-Regional Air Transport Conference ​16/04/14
IP/15 ​4.5 ​Aerodrome Safety Programs Update (Presented by United States​) ​16/04/14
​IP/16 -- Cancelled ​--
​IP/17 --​ ​Cancelled ​--
​IP/18 8.4​ ​CAR Region Civil Aviation Training; ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) and TRAINAIR Plus Programme (Presented by the Secretariat​) ​21/01/14
​IP/19 4.1 ​Experiences of Central America in regards to Continuous Monitoring Approach (CMA) (Presented by COCESNA) ​24/04/14
​IP/20 ​4.1 ​Improving the Effective Implementation of SARPs in Haiti (Presented by Haiti) ​24/04/14
​IP/21 ​8.3 ​CAPSCA project in Haiti (Presented by Haiti) ​24/04/14
​IP/22 ​6.1 ​IATA’s Support for the Port-of-Spain Declaration (Presented by IATA) ​25/04/14

​IP/23 ​4.5 ​IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and Enhanced IOSA (Presented by IATA) 25/04/14​​
​# ​Item ​Title ​Language ​
​1 ​4.1 ​Regional Analysis of the USOAP-CMA Results
​2 ​8.1 ​“Implementation of the Performance-Based Air Navigation Systems for the CAR Region”