​​​ICAO NACC Regional Office 2014 Statutory Holidays
Working Hours: 08:00 - 15:30 hrs.
(GMT -06:00) Central Time​
​1 January
​New Year's Day​
​​5 February
(to be observed on Monday 3 February)
​Constitution Day
​​21 March
(to be observed on Monday 17 March)
​Benito Juárez Day

​17 April

​Holy Thursday

​​18 April


​​Good Friday
​1 May
​​Labour Day
5 May
​​Battle of Puebla
16 September ​Independence Day​
​​1 November
(to be observed on Friday 31 October) 
​All Saints' Day
​​2 November
(to be observed on Monday 3 November)
​All Souls' Day
20 November
(to be observed on Monday 17 November)
​​Revolution Day
​​25 December
​​Christmas Day