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Greener Skies and a Solar
Round-the-World Journey

ICAO is a proud Institutional Partner of the Solar Impulse Project.

ICAO and Commercial Space
Visit ICAO’s new Space Portal for existing regulations and practices, latest developments and to connect with some of the foremost pioneers in the commercial space sector.

ICAO Carbon Calculator and Japan’s MyClimate Programme
The ICAO Carbon Calculator has been selected to support Japan’s latest carbon offsetting programme, in partnership with MyClimate and Amadeus. Learn more about the ICAO Carbon Calculator and how it can be used to decrease the carbon footprint for air travel globally.

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  • RPAS iKit
  • PBN iKit
  • ICAO’s GIS
  • Regional Dashboards
  • Safety Audits

To support the safe integration of Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) into non-segregated airspace, ICAO has launched its first RPAS iKit. This new iKit provides introductory information on the certification, operation and oversight of RPAS activities. Download iKit

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