Global Aviation Training – Webinar Series

In light of COVID-19 upending international travel and bringing physical events to a standstill, the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Global Aviation Training Section (GAT) is organizing a series of webinars on Adapting to a New Normal in Aviation Training in order to stay connected with TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP) Members, Partners and the aviation industry.

Join one of the webinars to be convened in June 2021 in various official ICAO languages. The theme of the webinar will focus on the rapidly evolving training landscape since the onset of the pandemic as well as highlight the digital learning tools and solutions offered by ICAO and regional guest speakers that are being implemented to train aspiring and current aviation professionals. The webinar also aims to raise awareness of the training benefits and challenges posed by the pandemic and provide a forum for participants to share best practices and engage in constructive dialogue about aviation training’s new normal.



The format of the 90-minute webinar will comprise:



ICAO Speakers*

Diego Martinez, Chief Global Aviation Training
Mekki Lahlou, Head, Training Operations
Jie (Annie) Huang, Head, Training Design and Development
• Herve Touron, Head, Training Assessments and Consultancy
Jose Riveros, Training Officer
Laura Camastra, Programme Implementation Officer
Rolando Tamayo, Instructional Design Specialist
Vicky Princz, Instructional Design Specialist
Ju Eun Lee, Digital Learning Design and Development Officer
• Pedro Avella, Business Development Associate



 *ICAO speakers will alternate their attendance based on language and time zone considerations.


Regional Guest Speakers


For English Session (APAC)


For English Session (MID)


  • Jorge Ivan Garcia Sepulveda, Director, Centro de Estudios Aeronáuticos (Colombia)
  • Julio Siu, Deputy Regional Director, North America, Central America and Caribbean Office, ICAO


For Russian Session

  • Elkhan Nahmadov, Deputy Regional Director, Europe and North Atlantic, ICAO


For French Session

  • Cyrille Abondo, Director, Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority
  • Christophe Boquen, Head of Continuous Training, Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile



To register in one of the webinar sessions you wish to attend, click on the corresponding link below:

Language of Session Date Time Zone Zoom Registration Link
(for North America, Europe and Africa)


1 June 2021

9h00 – 10h30
(Montreal time)


Session Held              

(for Asia Pacific)
3 June 202110h00 – 11h30
(Bangkok time)


Session Held              

(for the Middle-East)
8 June 202114h00 – 15h30
(Cairo time)


Session Held              

(for South America and Europe)


8 June 2021

10h00 – 11h30
(Montreal time)


Session Held              

(for Asia and Europe)
15 June 202113h00 – 14h30
(Paris time)
Click here
(For North America, Europe and Africa)


15 June 2021

9h00 – 10h30
(Montreal time)


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All participants will have access to the Zoom application Q&A box to present their questions during the Q&A period (in writing only). Microphones and cameras of participants will be muted and disabled.


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