Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme Continuous Monitoring Approach (USOAP CMA)



This online training course provides aviation experts a thorough understanding of USOAP CMA, and prepares auditor nominees to effectively conduct Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme Continuous Monitoring Approach (USOAP CMA) activities. Phase 1 covers the methodology, processes and competencies required for a successful USOAP activity. Phase 2 covers essential content of the protocol questions and the associated ICAO documents, including the ICAO Annexes and related guidance materials in each of the eight audit areas listed in the course Content and Structure section below.
The course material follows the guidelines provided by the Safety Oversight Audit Manual (Doc 9735).




  • Provides CAA inspectorate staff and industry experts with information regarding the
    USOAP concepts and methodologies;
  • Allows aviation safety experts within the CAA and the industry to gain further knowledge about the ICAO audit areas relevant to their expertise; and 
  • Helps States and industry experts to gain an understanding of the performance of safety oversight in their respective audit area(s).




  • State or RSOO Nominees (Prospective Auditors): Prospective ICAO auditors and ICAO Coordinated Validation Mission (ICVM) experts who are State or RSOO employees and meet the selection criteria as listed in State letter 15/35 – Short-term Secondment of Experts to the USOAP CMA. These candidates must be officially nominated by their State or recognized regional safety oversight organization, with their technical area of expertise identified; the nomination letter must specifically refer to State letter 15/35. Qualified candidates may be selected for participation in USOAP CMA activities. Their training covers registration and certification to both Phase 1 and one technical audit area in Phase 2. When filling out your application, please enclose the required questionnaire and nomination letter along with the applicable documents and information.


  • State Employees: State aviation safety personnel who neither have a nomination letter nor meet the criteria to become potential USOAP CMA auditor yet wish to learn and better understand the USOAP CMA, as well as enhance their competencies in one of the audit areas addressed by USOAP CMA.


  • TCB Field Experts: Experts working for the ICAO Technical Co-operation Bureau (TCB). The USOAP CBT allows TCB experts to expand their knowledge of USOAP CMA activities. Please register using the link for prospective auditors and SMEs below and indicate that you are a TCB field expert.


  • Private Industry Experts: Industry experts who are looking to expand their knowledge in one of the audit areas related to the USOAP CMA. These candidates will not be selected for participation in USOAP CMA activities.




Approximately 40 to 60 hours for both phases. Participants have 90 days from the date of enrollment to complete this training.











Registration for State-nominated Prospective Auditors and SMEs
State-nominated Prospective Auditors and SMEs should follow this link to submit their nomination credentials by completing the online application form.


Registration for All Other Categories
Registrants in all other categories, including State personnel not nominated for auditors and SMEs, can access the following link and select the desired training to complete the registration process. Please note that Phase I is a prerequisite before registering to Phase II. 


Note: In order to obtain discounted rates, State Personnel should select “Special Price Information” upon payment at the ICAO Online Store and follow the instructions to validate their status.




This training is divided into four parts:




  • Part 1 ― Auditing basics modules
    Effective communication, audit principles, audit techniques, team building, time management, public speaking.


  • Part 2 ― USOAP audit modules
    Overview of the ICAO USOAP, the critical elements of an effective State safety oversight system, and an overview of the USOAP audit tools.


  • Part 3 ― ICVM modules
    Evolution of USOAP to the CMA followed by ICVM establishment and implementation, process overview, pre-mission phase, on-site phase and post-mission phase.

  • Final Exam of Phase 1



  • Knowledge exam of technical audit area (as listed below)
  • Part 4 ― Audit area modules and Final Exam: 
Personnel Licensing and Training (PEL);
​•Aircraft Operations including Dangerous Goods (OPS);
​​•Airworthiness of aircraft (AIR);
​•Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation (AIG);
​•Air Navigation Services (ANS);
​•​Aerodromes and Ground Aids (AGA);
​•Aviation Legislation and Civil Aviation Organization (LEG/ORG)


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