The GAT Team

The GAT Team


Mr. Meshesha Belayneh

Title: Chief, Global Aviation Training (GAT)

Focal Area(s) : Technical processes and policies



Mr. Diego Martinez 

Title: TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Manager

Focal Area(s): Technical processes and policies

Mr. Herve Touron

Title: Training Officer

Focal Area(s): Assessment and Coordination of events 

+1 514 954 8219 ext. 6314



Mr. Mekki Lahlou

Title: Planning, Operations and Communications Officer

Focal Area(s): Membership procedures, planning and coordination of assessments and training courses 

+1 514 954-8219 ext. 8171


Ms. Huang Jie (Annie)

Title: Training Design and Development Manager

Focal Area(s): Validation of TRAINAIR PLUS STPs

+1 514 954-8219 ext. 6483



Mr. Jose Riveros

Title: Training Officer

Focal Area(s): Instructors qualification, GSI training programme, Technical support, ICAO courses

 +1 514 954-8219 ext. 7057


Mr. Imad Balkis

Title: Training Projects Coordinator

Focal Area(s): Project Management, Data Analysis, Technical support

 +1 514 954-8219 ext. 6152



Ms. Janet Samaniego

Title: Technical and Training Assistant

Focal Area(s): TPeMS and Membership

+1 514 954-8219 ext. 6319



Mr. Pedro Avella

Title: Training Business Development Associate

Focal Area(s):  Business and Marketing 

+1 514 954 8219 ext. 7976


rasha gat.jpg 

Ms. Rasha Haidar

Title: Programme Implementation Assistant

Focal Area(s): HR & Finance Focal Point

+1 514 954 8219 ext.  6496



Ms. Laura Camastra

Title: Programme Implementation Officer

Focal Area(s): Training Implementation

+1 514 954 8219 ext.  6053



Ms. Tammy Dick

Title: Technical and Training Assistant

Focal Area(s): Marketing and Promotion 

+1 514 954 8219 ext. 8014


Cynthia Alkhori.jpg

Ms. Cynthia Alkhori

Title: Technical and Training Assistant

 Focal Area(s): Coordination of ICAO Courses

+1 514 954 8219 ext. 6449


Mr. Alain Hertgen

Title: Training Implementation Associate

 Focal Area(s): Training Implementation

+1 514 954 8219 ext. 6953


Ms. Bonnie McEachern

Title: Instructional Design Specialist

 Focal Area(s): Training Design

+1 514 954 8219 ext. 8017




Postal Addresse: 
International Civil Aviation Organization
Global Aviation Training Office
999 University Street
Montreal, Quebec H3C 5H7
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