Carl Ljungberg (Sweden)

TERM OF OFFICE: 1952-1959  

Ernst Carl Robert Ljungberg was born in Sweden on 17July 1897.

Mr. Ljungberg was a student and lecturer at the Royal Academy of Artillery and Engineering and served as an officer in the Swedish Signal and Engineering Corps and later in the General Staff (Transportation).
An active participant in international aeronautical activities since 1939, Mr. Ljungberg represented his country at many meetings of the International Civil Aviation Organization. From 1945 to 1952 was Director General and President of the Royal Board of Civil Aviation in Sweden.
In his capacity as head of the Swedish Delegation to ICAO, he was elected Chairman of the Technical Commission of the Provisional International Civil Aviation Organization (PICAO) Assembly in 1946, and Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Fourth Assembly of ICAO in 1950. He was a member of both the Swedish Institute of Aeronautical Research and the Council of Meteorology and Hydrography.
Mr. Ljungberg was appointed Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization on 1 January 1952 and served for a period of seven years. Mr. Ljungberg retired on 31 July 1959 and died on 9 September 1982 at the age of 85.


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