Secretary General

​The Secretary General of ICAO is head of the Secretariat and chief executive officer of the Organization responsible for general direction of the work of the Secretariat. The Secretary General provides leadership to a specialized international staff working in the field of international civil aviation. The Secretary General serves as the Secretary of the Council of ICAO and is responsible to the Council as a whole and, following established policies, carries out the duties assigned by the Council, and makes periodic reports to the Council covering the progress of the Secretariat activities.
The Secretariat consists of five main divisions: the Air Navigation Bureau, the Air Transport Bureau, the Capacity Development and Implementation Bureau, the Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau, and the Bureau of Administration and Services. The Secretary General is also directly responsible for the management and effective work performance of the activities assigned to the Office of the Secretary General relating to Finance, Strategic Planning, Coordination and Partnerships, Internal Oversight, Ethics, and seven Regional Offices.
The ICAO Council appointed Mr. Juan Carlos Salazar of Colombia as the Secretary General of the Organization for a three-year term, beginning 1 August 2021. On 11 March 2024, the ICAO Council renewed his appointment for a second consecutive three-year term, to begin August 2024.
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