Strategic Planning, Coordination and Partnerships (SPCP) Office

Under the overall direction of the Office of the Secretary General (OSG), the Strategic Planning, Coordination and Partnerships Office (SPCP) coordinates high-level and cross-cutting strategies and priorities among the different Bureaus and Offices, including the Regional Offices, of the Organization.


In particular, the SPCP is responsible for the development and maintenance of the ICAO Business Plan, the ICAO Operating Plan, the Corporate Performance Management Framework, the Corporate Key Performance Indicators and the Risk Registry, which form the basis for resource allocation and assist the Secretary General to monitor its accountability and performance with respect to the implementation of initiatives.


The SPCP has also the responsibility to facilitate the development of partnerships as well as to leverage such strategic partnerships in air transport systems’ enhancements for Member States and the mobilization of resources needed to implement necessary improvements. SPCP advocates with Member States, the United Nations System, international and regional organizations, financial institutions, the donor community and the private sector to invest in aviation development to meet ICAO’s established resource mobilization targets, and developing the Organization’s resource mobilization capacity at the global, regional and local level. Two Sections fall under SPCP:


Strategic Planning and Regional Affairs Coordination (PRC) Section; and


Partnerships and Resource Mobilization (PRM) Section


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