Doing Business with ICAO

Participation in ICAO Solicitations


Vendors interested in an ICAO solicitation must create an account on the UNGM Website, and then express interest in an ICAO solicitation through its UNGM account, which, in turn, will trigger synchronisation with the ICAO procurement platform.




Procurement notices


ICAO advertises solicitations via procurement notices published on the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM Website). To view all published notices, please follow the links provided in the section Active Solicitations. Vendors are invited to access the UNGM site to view any active ICAO solicitations.


Tender Alerts


Any tender alerts on new solicitations are sent out exclusively by the UNGM Website, when tenders are announced under UNSPSC codes selected in suppliers’ UNGM accounts. It is required for suppliers to have a UNGM account in order to participate in ICAO solicitations. Creating and maintaining a UNGM account is free of charge; at the same time, tender alerts from UNGM is a paid service that can be purchased by interested suppliers directly from UNGM through their accounts. Notwithstanding the above, suppliers are always welcome to search / review free of charge any active ICAO tenders on the UNGM website, and take part in such tenders, regardless of whether such suppliers are subscribed to UNGM tender alerts.


Vendor Eligibility


Vendors must duly fill in and sign the Vendor Eligibility form for each solicitation and the UN Supplier Code of Conduct.

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