Human Performance and Cabin Crew

Human performance is defined as the human capabilities and limitations which have an impact on the safety and efficiency of aeronautical operations.   

Human performance training focuses on relationships between people and equipment, systems, procedures and the environment as well as personal relationships between individuals and groups. It encompasses the overall performance of cabin crew members while they carry out their duties.
The goal of this training is to optimize human performance and manage human error. It encompasses Human Factors principles, crew resource management and the development and application of skills, such as decision-making. Human performance training should be oriented towards solving practical problems in the real world.
More information on human performance can be found in the following documents:
check-mark.jpgHuman Factors Digest 15 – Human Factors in Cabin Safety
check-mark.jpgHuman Factors Training Manual (Doc 9683)
check-mark.jpgCabin Crew Safety Training Manual (Doc 10002)
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