Cabin Safety Inspectors

The Need for Civil Aviation Cabin Safety Inspectors

Cabin safety-related aspects must be regulated and overseen because cabin safety contributes to the prevention of accidents and incidents, the protection of aircraft occupants and the increase of survivability in the event of an emergency. Dedicated Cabin Safety Inspectors (CSIs) are needed to oversee the cabin safety aspects of aviation activities at the State level. CSIs are also needed to ensure the most effective oversight methods are implemented, with respect to specific cabin safety requirements and expectations, to contribute to the overall safe operation of aircraft and the protection of the travelling public.   

The CSI serves as the primary resource, cabin safety discipline subject matter expert and advisor to the civil aviation authority (CAA) in all cabin safety related areas, including but not limited to, passenger management, cabin safety procedures, cabin crew member training programmes, and cabin crew duty and rest policies. As part of the CAA staffing requirements, the State should employ one or more persons in the role of CSI.

Role of the Cabin Safety Inspector

A CSI is a qualified person authorized by the State to carry out safety oversight and surveillance of the cabin safety-related aspects of civil air transport operations. The CSI ensures the national Cabin Safety Programme is managed and implemented in accordance with national regulatory requirements and standards.
The role of the CSI includes, but is not limited to: developing and maintaining regulations, standards, guidance, policy and inspection criteria on issues relating to safety and emergency equipment on board passenger carrying aircraft, passenger safety-related operational procedures, design of tool kits based on incident, accident and surveillance data analysis, cabin crew training and cabin crew manuals.

ICAO Guidance Material

ICAO developed the Manual on Civil Aviation Cabin Safety Inspectors (Doc 10134) to emphasize the responsibilities, functions and duties of States for safety oversight, specific to cabin safety-related aspects of civil air transport operations, and to provide information and guidance to government decision-makers on the establishment and management of an effective and sustainable State safety oversight of cabin safety activities.

This manual provides recommendations for the selection, appointment and role of a State’s dedicated CSI. Its purpose is to provide guidelines on the development of qualifications, responsibilities, tasks and competencies of CSIs and the implementation of CSI training programmes to guide CSIs in carrying out their duties. Qualified and competent CSIs enable the State to provide operators and training organizations with the highest possible national and international safety standards enabling compliance during aircraft operations and crew training.

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