Cabin Crew Safety Training




ICAO developed a competency-based approach to cabin crew safety training so that cabin crew members may proficient to perform their duties and responsibilities, and with the goal of establishing an international baseline for cabin crew competencies.

ICAO defines a competency as: a combination of skills, knowledge and attitudes required to perform a task to the prescribed standard. ICAO develops competency frameworks resulting from job and task analysis.

Competency-based approaches are characterized by an emphasis on job performance and the knowledge and skills required to perform on the job. Competency-based training aims at progressively building and integrating knowledge and skills required for competency job performance. Competency-based assessments aim at measuring how well competencies necessary for the job are demonstrated to the specified performance standards.

General provisions for competency-based training and assessment, as well as a detailed description of the ICAO course development methodology,  can be found in Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Training (PANS-TRG, Doc 9868). The Manual on the Approval of training Organizations (Doc 9841) provides guidance for oversight of competency-based training programmes by the appropriate Authority.

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The ICAO Cabin Crew Safety Training Manual (Doc 10002), first edition presents cabin crew safety training from a competency-based approach.     


The manual includes guidance material on the following topics:
check-mark.jpg  Cabin Crew Safety Training Requirements and Qualifications
  Training Facilities and Devicescheck-mark.jpg
check-mark.jpg  Competency-based Approach to Cabin Crew SafetyTraining
check-mark.jpg  Aviation Indoctrination Training
check-mark.jpg  Normal Operations Training
check-mark.jpg  Abnormal and Emergency Situations Training
check-mark.jpg  Dangerous Goods Training
check-mark.jpg  Human Performance Training
check-mark.jpg  Cabin Health and First Aid Training 
  check-mark.jpg Aviation Security Training
check-mark.jpg  Safety Management System Training
check-mark.jpg  Fatigue Management Training
check-mark.jpg  In-Charge Cabin Crew Member Training
check-mark.jpg  Management Aspects of the Cabin Crew Safety Training Programme    
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