Investigative Technologies and Techniques

​This webpage contains a library of technologies and techniques that can assist investigators in the collection and analysis of investigative data.


3D Scanner for On-Scene Documentation--Highway Accident.pdf3D Laser scanner for on-scene documentation3D scanningUS NTSB2017-10-24 11:23 AM
3D_Laser_Scanning_and_Analyzing_In_Aviation_Safety_Investigations_CIAS-Romania.pdf3D Laser scanning and analyzing in aviation safety investigations (on-scene documentation)3D scanningRomania CIAS2017-10-24 11:42 AM
6 - Hawkins+-+Using+a+drone+and+photogrammetry+software+V3.pdfUsing drones and photogrammetry software to create 3D models of accident sites3D modellingUK AAIB2017-07-14 4:02 PM
A New Capability for Crash Site Documentation.pdfNew capability for crash site documentationPhotogrammetric analysisDirectorate of Flight Safety, Canadian Forces2017-07-14 4:03 PM
Aerial Photography in Accident Investigation.pdfAerial photography in accident investigationDrone photographySingapore AAIB2017-10-24 11:24 AM
CIAS_Using _Drones_In_Accident_Investigation.pdfInvestigative technologies and techniques (Drones)Drone photographyRomania CIAS2017-08-23 3:25 PM
CT Scanning in Accident Investigation - overview and examples.pdfComputed tomography in aircraft accident investigationsCT imagingUS NTSB2017-07-14 4:05 PM
Modern Technologies and Methodologies Improve Helicopter Accident Investigation (2).pdfModern technologies and methodologies improve helicopter accident investigationLightweight flight recordersISASI2017-07-14 4:06 PM
The Impact of ADS-B in the Accident Investigation Process.pdfThe impact of ADS-B in the accident investigation processADS-BEmbraer2017-07-14 4:07 PM
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