About AIG


Technical work programme responsibilities:  

    • maintaining the currency of Annex 13 and related documents, such as the Manual of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation

    • monitoring developments in accident investigation techniques and practices in States 

    • monitoring developments in system safety concepts

    • maintaining the currency of provisions related to assistance to aircraft accident victims and their families  

    • contributing to ICAO safety projects such as the prevention of controlled flight into terrain (CFIT), reduction of approach and landing accidents (ALAR) and the Continuous Monitoring Approach programme (CMA)

    • assist in organizing and participating in workshops and seminars related to accident/incident investigation

    • processing of safety recommendations addressed to ICAO

    • publish safety recommendations of global concern

    • development of flight recorder related provisions for investigations

    • maintain an electronic library of Final Reports


Council technical committee, AN Commission panels and Secretariat study groups: 

Accident Investigation Panel (AIGP)

Flight Recorder Specific Working Group (FLIRECSWG) 

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