About AIG


Technical work programme responsibilities:  

    • maintaining the currency of Annex 13 and related documents, such as the Manual of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation

    • monitoring developments in accident investigation techniques and practices in States 

    • monitoring developments in system safety concepts

    • maintaining the currency of provisions related to assistance to aircraft accident victims and their families  

    • contributing to ICAO safety projects such as the prevention of controlled flight into terrain (CFIT), reduction of approach and landing accidents (ALAR) and the Continuous Monitoring Approach programme (CMA)

    • assist in organizing and participating in workshops and seminars related to accident/incident investigation

    • processing of safety recommendations addressed to ICAO

    • publish safety recommendations of global concern

    • development of flight recorder related provisions for investigations

    • maintain an electronic library of Final Reports

    • participate as required or requested by Contracting States in investigations of accidents of heightened public attention or diplomatic sensitivity providing procedural guidance and suggestions to advance the investigation to the greatest extent possible


Council technical committee, AN Commission panels and Secretariat study groups: 

Accident Investigation Panel (AIGP)

Flight Recorder Specific Working Group (FLIRECSWG) 

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