Special Authorization

​Special Authorization

Please click here to download an Authorization Form: 



Additional documents to consider as part of an authorization process could include the following:

  • Operations: Checklists and operational processes
  • Maintenance manuals will often be provided by the manufacturer


When do you need a license? Does the remote pilot have sufficient knowledge of the UAS? Items to consider are:

  • ​The operational limitations of the UA
  • ​UA specifications, for example, the temperature impact on battery life
  • The capabilities of the UA
  • Normal/emergency procedures

RPAS Operators Certificate (ROC): Operators, whether private, professional or commercial, are responsible for anyone flying their UA and staff training. 


Should You Issue a Special Authorization?

Below are samples of Questionnaires that could be completed to determine if a special authorization is required.

- Operators (pdf)


- Regulators (pdf)


Airspace Coordination

- Communication/Deconfliction (pdf) 


- Flight Plan (pdf) 


Accident/Incident Reporting

In order to ensure the safe development of the UAS industry as well as effective regulatory procedures, National Authorities require data. Therefore, the new dynamic industry of UAS is encouraged to report incidents and accidents to the regulatory authority. A non-punitive mechanism will best support reporting and data collection.


Procedures for submitting a hazard report should be clear, well documented and should include details of where and to whom reports should be submitted. This will reduce confusion over where safety reports go and will ensure that all events are brought to the attention of the appropriate authority.


Keeping official statistics on types of UAS activities and incident and accident rates will help decision makers develop informed policies that impact the regulated community. An accident report system coupled with a non-punitive, de-identified incident reporting system is essential to assessing the effectiveness of the regulation.  


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