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The ICAO document, Doc. 9941, TRAINAIR PLUS Training Development Guide” (TDG) provides the aviation industry with a methodology for the preparation of training materials. Intended as a tool to support international cooperation in the exchange of training courses, the TDG promotes a competency-based methodology for the development of high level training courses and programmes to ensure a mutual acceptance by training institutions. 


    • Ensures a comprehensive and thorough analysis of aviation jobs. 
    • Allows for the establishment of critical learning paths for aviation professionals.
    • Addresses competency building including guidance on: “Train- the-Trainer” and “On-the-Job Training”.
    • Facilitates the conduct of quality assurance for training programmes.
    • An effective tool for Human Resources specialists that ensures consistency between job descriptions and training requirements.




TRAINAIR PLUS Training Development Guide, your essential tool in aviation training.


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