How to apply


Applying to the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme 


Thank you for your interest for the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP), ICAO’s cooperative network of training centres. 


Please complete the following steps to initiate your membership application:



Step #1.  Review the TRAINAIR PLUS Operations Manual (TPOM).



Step #2.  Complete the Application Cover Letter ( Once completed and signed, the application cover letter should be uploaded in the online application form detailed in step #3).


The application letter should be on the letterhead of the training centre or organization and addressed to:


Capt. Mostafa Hoummady
Global Aviation Training Manager

Global Aviation Training Office (GAT)



with a copy to

Mr. Diego Martínez

TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Manager

Global Aviation Training Office (GAT)




Step # 3. Complete the online application form.



For any enquiries, please email us at



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