Training Assessment Guidelines



TRAINAIR PLUS Assessment Guidelines explains the assessment objectives and scope, and  details the assessment checklist for the on-site mission.
Following the on-site assessment, a debriefing is given with the centre’s management team and instructions are provided for the next steps, including recommendations and observations with respect to the training management system in order to meet the requirements of the Programme. Thirty (30) days after the closing meeting, ICAO sends an official draft report with recommendations for comments and preparations of action plan indicating actions planned and completed. Recommendation and action plans will allow ICAO and the training centre or organization to identify the scope of its needs and technical assistance.
If the assessment report and action plan submitted are approved by ICAO, then the training centre or organization will be granted a status of TRAINAIR PLUS ASSOCIATE which is the intermediate step granted during the phase of the development of the TRAINAIR PLUS Standard Training Package (STP) with the new development process. The training centre or organization  will get the TRAINAIR PLUS MEMBER status once the first TRAINAIR PLUS STP is developed and approved.
For more information, please click on the link. TPAG Ver.4 - May 2014.pdf


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