USOAP CMA Computer-Based Training - CBT

​This CBT contains information, instructions and guidance on aspects ranging from general auditing techniques to specific State safety oversight obligations in each technical area. 

Prospective ICAO auditors and ICAO Coordinated Validation Mission (ICVM) experts nominated by States and recognized organizations will have gained knowledge on auditing techniques to be applied in their respective specialties in the different types of CMA activities including ICVMs.

- CBT for State employees for the purpose of becoming Auditors and/or ICVM Experts

State aviation safety personnel will enhance their competencies in the areas addressed by USOAP CMA without the need to be approved USOAP CMA auditors and/or ICVM experts.
- CBT for State Employees for puposes other than becoming Auditors and/or ICVM experts
The CBT is now available for industry experts who are looking to expand their knowledge in one of the audit areas related to the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP).
- CBT for Industry Experts   These candidates will not be selected for participation in USOAP CMA activites.

ICAO has launched starting 1 January 2015 the Computer-based Training (CBT) on  primary aviation legislation & civil aviation regulations (LEG) and  civil aviation organization (ORG). The target audience of the course are qualified auditors or ICVM experts, as well as State employees wishing to expand their knowledge.

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