Path for Becoming a Qualified USOAP Auditor, ICVM Subject Matter Expert (SME) or Assessor

The Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) relies on both internal and external resources to carry out its mandate. 

In accordance with State Letter 15-035, States and recognized organizations are invited to nominate experts for secondment to ICAO in support of USOAP CMA as auditors, SMEs or assessors on a long- or short-term basis. In addition, ICAO HQs and ROs also identify technical officers (TOs) for training as auditors, SMEs or assessors who may serve as Team Member (TMs) or Team Leaders (TLs) in future USOAP CMA activities. USOAP CMA training policies define and establish the criteria for the required qualifications of auditors, SMEs and assessors, based on a combination of their education, work experience, technical background and training.

ICAO agrees to waive the applicable training fees for State-nominated experts who meet the stipulated criteria for qualifications and experience and are successful at their interview with a Standards and Procedures Officer (SPO). 

Upon becoming qualified USOAP auditors, SMEs or assessors, States agree to release these experts for the conduct of two USOAP CMA activities per year, including off-site validations as required. States are responsible for covering all costs relating to salary and benefits of their experts for the duration of the USOAP CMA activity. ICAO in turn, is responsible for covering costs associated with participation in the activity.

In order to become qualified USOAP auditors, SMEs or assessors, all candidates are required to go through a rigorous process of pre-screening, interviewing, training and evaluation, as shown on the flowchart below.

Candidates are selected from the pool of nominated experts based on their qualifications, experience and the USOAP needs. The selected candidates are provided with appropriate training, and those who successfully complete their training, including On-the-Job Training (OJT) assessment are qualified as USOAP CMA auditors, SMEs or assessors.

Note: ICAO is under no obligation to select all prospective OJT candidates.  Rather, ICAO's goal is to maintain such a roster of qualified auditors, SMEs, and assessors that supports adequately the annual USOAP CMA Activity Plan.

ICAO provides prospective auditors, SMEs and assessors with the following training curricula:

  • USOAP CMA Computer-Based Training (CBT) course;
  • USOAP Auditor/Assessor Preparation course (required for all OJTs as of 1st January 2024); and
  • On-the-job training (OJT) assessment.

For more information and registration, States and candidates may visit the USOAP CMA Training webpage or e-mail us with questions at:

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