USOAP CMA In-Person and Virtual Classroom Training

In addition to the USOAP CMA Computer-based Training (CBT) Programme, ICAO offers the following classroom training courses and workshops.

USOAP Auditor Preparation Course

Required for candidates scheduled for an OJT.


This week-long virtual or in-classroom course will provide trainees with further insight into practical auditing or assessment techniques, under the supervision of an experienced instructor. The course relies on case-based learning (CBL) and practical exercises to develop the skillset necessary for prospective auditors to be effective audit team members in USOAP CMA activities. Those candidates who successfully complete the course are likely to perform better at their OJT evaluation.


For more information and registration, click here for virtual classroom or in-person classroom course. You can e-mail us with your questions at:

​USOAP CMA Workshop


This in-person workshop provides participants with useful information and practical experience with the tools and functionalities that support the USOAP CMA.  This includes modules on the role of the National Continuous Monitoring Coordinator (NCMC), Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), Protocol Question (PQ) Self-Assessments, and the electronic Filing of Differences (EFOD). 


For more information or to express interest in hosting a USOAP CMA workshop, e-mail us at:

​SSPIA Workshop

This in-person workshop provides participants with the methodologies, processes and tools that support State Safety Programme Implementation Assessments (SSPIAs).


For more information or to express interest in hosting a SSPIA workshop, e-mail us at:

Note:  ICAO workshops are planned annually, depending on availability of resources/funding and making every effort to provide good regional coverage. In addition, workshops on request can be scheduled on an ad hoc basis.

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