On-the-Job Training (OJT) Evaluation

On-the-Job Training (OJT) Evaluation is the final step of the process of becoming a qualified USOAP auditor, SME or assessor.

Prospective auditors, SMEs, or assessors who have successfully completed the CBT and passed their interview with a Standards and Procedures Officer (SPO) for a specific audit or assessment area are placed on a list of candidates eligible for an OJT.


Note: ICAO is not obligated to select all OJT candidates. Rather, ICAO's goal is to maintain such a roster of qualified auditors, SMEs, and assessors that supports adequately the annual USOAP CMA Activity Plan. Consideration for an OJT mission is based on several factors, e.g. audit area, language skills, location, etc.


Upon selection for an OJT mission, based on Programme needs, the prospective auditors, SMEs, or assessors are advised well in advance and are required to take the USOAP Auditor Preparation course in order to increase their chances for performing well on the OJT mission.

Candidates receive OJT during an on-site audit or assessment activity from an experienced USOAP CMA team member. They are evaluated on their ability to conduct assigned tasks and report results. The OJT provider makes a final recommendation about the trainee's readiness to act as TMs in future USOAP CMA activities and identifies any additional required training.

Successful candidates will then be enlisted into the ICAO roster of qualified USOAP auditors, SMEs and assessors and will be invited to participate in future USOAP CMA activities.

Detailed information on the process of becoming a USOAP qualified auditor, SME or assessor is available at our webpage Path for Becoming… or by e-mail at: USOAPTraining@icao.int
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