Cargo Module - Road Feeder to Freight Reception and Freight Pick Up


Protect cargo handling staff and truckers during the handover points for physical freight (in warehouse) and documentation (often office). 


  • Onsite biosafety principles:
    • Proximity for document handover should be minimized, floor markings should be indicated and / or appropriate PPE should be worn.
    • Wherever possible, hand washing stations or alcohol-based hand sanitizer should be placed on entry.
    • Surfaces (e.g. handles, kiosks) should be regularly cleaned and disinfected
    • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer should be made available for users of kiosks, etc.
    • Area(s) for donning and doffing of appropriate PPE as needed should be identified.
  • Physical handover of goods (truck offload):
    • Drivers should stay in vehicle cabin until instructed (as per relevant procedures).
    • Physical distance should be kept between driver and facility staff where possible.
    • Close contact of personnel should be limited, appropriate PPE should be worn where appropriate.
  • Documentation handover (office):
    •  Digital document systems and data exchange should be implemented wherever possible.
    • Physical distancing of at least 1 metre should be kept between all parties where possible, floor markings indicated or the appropriate PPE worn.
    • Where physical documents need to be signed, each signatory should do so with their own pen.
    • Physical barriers (transparent) should be installed at counters and reception.
    • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer should be made available when entering or exiting common areas.
  • Material handling equipment (MHE) usage (e.g., forklifts, hand carts):
    • To avoid cross contamination, MHE should be cleaned and disinfected after use.
    • Employees should be educated and should practice personal hygiene principles.
    • Appropriate PPE should be worn where necessary.

Means for uniform implementation ​

  • Wall posters, and handouts, downloadable from carrier and GHA web sites. See Posters in Staff Rest Areas for samples.
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