This is a summary of recommendations contained in this Document, which complement the original eleven recommendations of the CART Report.

Recommendation 12 

States should put in place the necessary measures to mitigate risks associated with prolonged regulatory alleviations and should not extend alleviations (both core and extended COVID-19 Contingency Related Differences (CCRDs)) beyond 31 March 2021, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. In addition, States are encouraged to facilitate access to medical and training facilities, including flight simulation training devices used for flight crew (national and foreign) to maintain their certifications, recency of experience and proficiency. 

Recommendation 13 

While testing is not universally recommended by public health authorities as a routine health screening method, States contemplating testing in their COVID-19 risk management strategy should apply the approach outlined in the ICAO Testing and Cross-Border Risk Management Measures Manual. 

 Recommendation 14 

States considering the formation of a Public Health Corridor (PHC) should actively share information with each other to implement PHCs in a harmonized manner. To facilitate implementation of PHCs, the ICAO Implementation Package (iPack) on establishing a PHC is available to States. ​

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