CART Report - Way Forward

Acknowledging the uncertainty surrounding the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, ICAO and all stakeholders involved in the production of this report emphasize the importance of adopting a flexible, progressive approach to enable a swift restoration of air transport and connectivity, which should be proportionate to the improvement of the public health situation, taking into account expert medical advice and existing safety and security standards. In addition, we should remain vigilant of the risk of further outbreak and plan accordingly, being prepared to reintroduce measures if necessary.


When defining their approach and the subsequent implementation of measures, States are strongly encouraged to follow the ten key principles in Section 2 and the eleven associated recommendations in Section 3, as well as to pay particular attention to the set of recommended risk mitigation measures presented in the annexed document Take-off: Guidance for Air Travel through the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis. A successful path from this crisis will rely on a diligent and consistent follow-up to these recommendations and measures at all levels, including ICAO.


With the unfolding public health situation, the mitigation and containment measures of States are being progressively alleviated, which should be accompanied by a proportionate opening of skies globally. The measures outlined in this report may need to be adjusted according to the epidemiological situation to ensure tangible results and a successful restart and recovery. ICAO, in cooperation with all civil aviation stakeholders, should continue to monitor and assess the situation by leveraging this harmonized global approach for a timely response to the evolution of the crisis and by seizing the opportunity to reinforce the aviation ecosystem.


The success of aviation's recovery today and preparedness for tomorrow can only result from collective efforts. A closer and continuous collaboration between ICAO and civil aviation industry, as well as international and regional organizations, will be beneficial for information sharing and a harmonized global response suitable for all States, regions and stakeholders.

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