Airport Module - Exit the Landside Area


Protocols and precautions need to be in place for arriving passengers who are exiting the landside area. Consideration should be given to the greeter's area as well as the terminal's exit area. During initial restart phases, measures could include establishing a perimeter around the greeter's area or limiting access to the terminal building. 


Airport Terminal access

  • According to each airport's specificities and the national legislation in place, airport terminal access may be restricted to workers, passengers and persons accompanying passengers with disabilities, reduced mobility or unaccompanied minors in an initial phase, as long as it does not create crowds and queues which would then increase risks of transmission as well as create a potential security vulnerability.
  • Multiple hand washing stations or hand sanitizers should be provided prior to the exit of the terminal building.
  • Cleaning should be increased based on flight schedules to ensure a more frequent, in-depth disinfection of landside public areas, including seating areas, food and beverage and retail, handrails, washrooms, automated moving systems and buses.

Means for uniform implementation

  • Collaborate with stakeholders in the community to ensure the timely, accurate dissemination of information to the travelling public.
  • Use the Airport COVID-19 Cleaning / Disinfection Control Sheet (PHC Form 3) or a similar one where appropriate.


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