Background information on the history of the adoption of the ICAO SID/STAR provisions. Also provided is information on the safety and efficiency gains that can be realized through the use of these PBN tools.




The ICAO SID/STAR provisions are detailed and explained.


SID/STAR Toolkit


States, aircraft operators, flight crews and air traffic control personnel will benefit from the structured approach toward implementing the SID/STAR procedures that are contained. The guidance that is provided for your consideration is based on best practices and lessons learned from States that have implemented the procedures.


Training and Education


Scenario based learning tools have been developed that will help to sharpen the knowledge level of personnel developing or using the SID/STAR procedures as airspace users or air traffic controllers. The scenarios are both textual and interactive using audio, video and knowledge tests.


Implementation Support


Resources are available to States through ICAO SID/STAR Implementation Support Team (ISSIST) which is an ICAO sponsored group of experts from within ICAO headquarters, the ICAO Regional Offices and designated focal points from key international organizations, including IFATCA and IFALPA.




Commonly asked questions and answers associated with the ICAO SID/STAR procedures. 



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