What's new?


  • Core phraseology positively reinforcing that the lateral, vertical and speed requirements embedded in a SID or STAR  continue to apply, unless explicitly cancelled or amended;
  • Additional phraseology that enables ATCO to cancel any level or speed restrictions; and
  • Harmonized phraseology to bypass waypoints or amend the lateral profile of SID or STAR.


 And what doesn't change?


  • The requirement for the highest standard of discipline to be applied to all communications;
  • The need to comply with limits associated with airspace classifications (ICAO Annex 11 — Air Traffic Services  Chapter 2 and Appendix 4);
  • Requirements related to transmitting QNH altimeter settings (PANS-ATM refers);
  • The terrain clearance responsibilities prescribed in ICAO Doc 4444 (PANS-ATM);
  • In unusual or unforeseen circumstances, where using standard phraseology may not be adequate or possible, controllers and pilots are expected to use clear and concise plain language.




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