Blockchain Sandbox


Blockchain, as a publicly available and decentralized digital ledger that encrypts data into blocks of records which allows for a reliable and permanent method of storing data, can be used for the various permanent digital records that aviation requires.


These include:

  • pilot logbooks
  • aircraft maintenance
  • passenger records
  • financial transactions


Blockchain will eliminate the possibility of falsifying records and can enable a universal system of logging personnel and aircraft licensing data across States.


As the one developing global aviation regulation and standards, ICAO engages all member states, aviation organizations and the foremost business and other leaders of the industry to shape global and industry agendas.


The ICAO Blockchain Sandbox is a cloud-hosted network enabling different partners to work on subjects on the same platform. It is a blockchain infrastructure for the aviation sector. It empowers partners to create and test services, systems or products on a decentralized platform.


This initiative is to assist States and ICAO, to better understand how the technology can be used in the regulatory areas.


Impacts & Benefits

Through this partnership initiative, ICAO aims to achieve the following impacts:


  1. Build and provide scalable architecture fit for purpose, ready and safe to use
  2. Minimize physical equipment to set up one-stop solution for related businesses


Reduce risks before the implementation of distributed ledger technology.

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