Twelfth Meeting on the Improvement of the Air Traffic Services in the South Atlantic

Twelfth Meeting on the Improvement of the Air Traffic Services in the South Atlantic  Sal, Cape Verde, 15 – 17 December 2004







SAT/12 Ref.

SR 3/80 - 1299

Letter of Invitation (18 November 2004)
SAT/12Report of the Twelfth Informal Coordination Meeting on the Improvement of Air Traffic Services over the South Atlantic






WP No.Title
SAT/12-WP/01Provisional Agenda
SAT/12-WP/02Follow up on Conclusions from SAT/11 Meeting
SAT/12-WP/03Review of the Report on SAT/11 Task Force Meeting and follow up action taken by SAT
SAT/12-WP/04CNS/ATM Systems Implementation
SAT/12-WP/05Results from AFI RVSM Stakeholders Coordination Meeting (Go/Delay Coordination Meeting, Dakar, Senegal 18 – 19 November 2004)
SAT/12-WP/06New SAM AFTN Routing Directory of the SAM Region
Appendix A
SAT/12-WP/07ARMA (AFI Regional Monitoring Agency)
SAT/12-WP/08Strategic Lateral Offsets
SAT/12-WP/10Agenda Item 5: CNS/ATM Systems Implementation
SAT/12-WP/11Agenda Item 4: Communications
SAT/12-WP/12Extension of VHF radio coverage Dakar Oceanic FIR
SAT/12-WP/13Agenda Item 4: Communications
SAT/12-WP/14Agenda Item 5: CNS/ATM Systems Implementation
SAT/12-WP/15Agenda Item 4: Communications
SAT/12-WP/16AFI AFTN Routing Directory 
SAT/12-WP/17Harmonization of RVSM programmes for CAR/SAM and AFI Regions, including flight level allocation scheme
SAT/12-WP/18New Airspace Structure
SAT/12-WP/19Safety Assessment
SAT/12-WP/20Special Coordination Procedures
SAT/12-WP/21Consolidation of Aeronautical VSAT Networks
SAT/12-WP/22RVSM Flight level allocation scheme applicable in EUR/SAM Corridor
SAT/12-WP/23IP/05: Amendment to ICAO SUPPs – Doc 7030
SAT/12-WP/24Workshop on FANS 1/A (ADS/CPDLC) Operational Implementation
SAT/12-WP/25Data Collection for RVSM/RNP 10 Post implementation Report
SAT/12-WP/26Use of strategic lateral offsets up to 2NM right of track for all suitable equipped aircraft
SAT/12-WP/27Random RNAV Routing Area
SAT/12-WP/28ADS/CPDLC Operational Evaluation Trials of the SACCAN FANS 1/A System in the Canarias FIR/UIR (Second Phase)
SAT/12-WP/29IP/06: CAFSAT Migration to IS 10.02 @ 359 degrees East
SAT/12-WP/30Implementation of Random RNAV Routing in the South Atlantic
SAT/12-WP/31Air Traffic Management – Not Available Electronically
SAT/12-WP/32Future Work Programme







IP No.Title
SAT/12 - IP/01Information Bulletin
SAT/12 - IP/02Tentative Work Programme
SAT/12 - IP/03List of Working and Information Papers
SAT/12 - IP/04REDDIG Technical Overview and Future Developments
SAT/12 - IP/05Presented as WP/23
SAT/12 - IP/06Presented as WP/29
SAT/12 - IP/07Implementation of an RVSM Transition Area in Argentina 
SAT/12 - IP/08Current Progress in the Acquisition and Implementation of the CNS Systems in República Argentina
SAT/12 - IP/09Surveillance Implementation Plan – Not Available Electronically









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