AFI Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APIRG)

(Pretoria, South Africa, 10 - 11 September 2012)

Final Report ​
List of Participants ​
List of Documents​
Review Status of Implementation of other outstanding OPMET related conclusions & decisions from other APIRG previous meetings ​


Status Of Implementation Of MTF Recommendations With Regard To OPMET related conclusions and decisions from MET/SG/10 AND APIRG/18 ​


AFI Regional SIGMET Tests Report​
Regional SIGMET Guide​
AMBEX Handbook​
Terms of Reference, Work Programme and Composition of the AFI OPMET Management Task Force​


Work Programme

 Working Papers
​Agenda Item ​Title
​ ​
1 ​-

​Provisional Agenda

​2 ​2 ​Review of the Report of the AFI OPMET Management Task Force Third Meeting



​Appendix A

​Appendix B
​3 ​2

​Implementation of MTF/4 Recommendations with Regard to MET/SG/10 and APIRG/18 Conclusions and Decisions Related to OPMET

​4 ​3

​Provision of tropical cyclone and volcanic ash advisories for the AFI Region and of the corresponding SIGMET by MWOs and review of report on SIGMET Tests conducted in November 2011





​Appendix - AFI OPMET Management Task Force. AFI Regional SIGMET Test Report. November 2011






​Review of the Current Edition of AFI Regional SIGMET Guide



​Appendix A



​6 ​4

​Review of the Current Edition of the AFI Meteorological Bulletin Exchange (AMBEX) Handbook






7 ​4

​Dakar RODB Implementation Status Report




8 ​4 ​Pretoria RODB Implementation Status Report



9 ​4

​Development of the AFI OPMET Database Catalogue



​Appendix A
​10 ​4 ​Review of Regional Guidance material on OPMET Exchange



​Attachment A
​​Attachment B
​11 ​4

​Review of the AFI FASID Table MET 2A Stemming from the Results of the  SADISOPSG/17 Meeting


​Appendix A - FASID Table MET 2A


​12 ​4 ​Report of the Core Team of Experts AFI RODB Backup Procedures



​Appendix H
​13 ​5

​Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Related OPMET Information and Plans for the Introduction of XML/GML


​14 ​5

​Review of Terms of Reference, Work Programme and Composition for the AFI OPMET MTF


​15 ​4 ​Implementation of Special Air Reports
​16 ​4

Monitoring of OPMET Information by ICAO Regions


​17 ​4

​Compiling of OPMET Bulletins by AFI AMBEX Centers (BCCS)


​18 ​4

​Development of a Backup Procedure for the AFI RODB


​19 ​4

​Review of the AMBEX Scheme

 Information Papers
​Agenda Item ​Title
​ ​
​1 ​- Information Bulletin


​2 ​- ​AFI OPMET MTF Focal Points 2012
​3 ​-

Provisional List of Working/Information Papers


​4 ​- ​Provisional Working Arrangements for the Meeting
​5 ​2 ​Results of OPMET Data Monitoring
​6 ​- ​Monitoring of Requests Received from AFTN Users

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