Volcanic ash exercise Steering group (VLOCEX/SG2)

Second Meeting of the Volcanic ash exercise Steering group (VLOCEX/SG2)

19 July 2023

Event titleSecond Meeting of the Volcanic ash exercise Steering group (VLOCEX/SG2)
Start date19 July 2023Start Time: 09:00 UTC
End date19 July 2023
End Time: 15:00 UTC




Directive AFI VOLCEX 2023 

​Work programme - AMET B0  B1

AFI VA Exercises  Directive For Exercise VOLCEX 21-01 Rev0.1

AFI VAA Exercises Operational Instructions-VOLCEX OPINS Rev0.1

​AFI Volcex 2021-01 Report

​EXERCISE DIRECTIVE 29_11_21 Final version

​Working papers

​WP1.1 Adoption of the Agenda and the work programme

​WP2.1 Update on the VOLCEX-01 and Lessons from the AFI first VOLCEX

​WP3.1 Update on the Guidelines provided in Appendix F of Doc 9766 and AFI OPINS

​WP3.2  Determination of Exercise Leader and Directing Staff

WP3.3 Participating Agencies

​WP3.4 Exercise aims and objectives

WP4.1 AFI VOLCEX 23 Exercise scenario planning​

​WP5.1 Summary of the VOLCEX 23 planning

​WP6.1 AFI VOLCEX-SG future work programme

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