Twenty-fourth Meeting of the AFI Satellite Network Management Committee 
(Abuja, Nigeria, 14 - 18 November 2016)




Title​ Language​ ​
WP/1 - Draft Agenda
​WP/2 - Follow up SNMC 23 Conc.Dec
​WP/3 - Calibration Center
WP/4A - NAMA AFS Circuits Kano FIR
​WP/5A - Review _ Conc. and Dec_JTE-Coordin. SUR 1 AIDC
​WP/5B - Review _ Conc. and Dec_JTE-Coordin. Action Plan
​​       App D - Outstanding deficiencies
​​       App E - AFISNET 2nd Gen. SITE REQUIREMENT
​​       App F - Action Plan_AFISNET Re-engineering
​​​       App G - Data Sharing Requirement
​​​       App H & I - AIDC and Surveillance Data Sharing
​​​       App J - future work programme
​WP/6 - Develop. Project scheme  AFISNET re-engin. modern
​WP/7 - APIRG New struct.Orga and Mechan_IUmpacts_SNMC





Draft Report
Appendix A-SNMC 24  Attendance List
Appendix B-Follow up SNMC 23 Conc_Decis
Appendix C-Focal Points Follow up  Conc.Dec​
Appendix D-Study committee Website​
Appendix E Strategic Plan Calib. Centre​
Appendix F_Outstanding deficiencies​
Appendix G-AIDC and Surveillance Data Sharing_Plan​
Appendix H-Action Plan_AFISNET Re-engineering-fg​
Appendix I-TRFs SNMC​
Appendix J-Template for SNMC meeting schedule



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