AFI Region AIXM-e AIP Implementation Workshop
Dakar, Senegal, 3 - 5 October 2016 
AFI-CAD Regional Database Services providers
Coordination Meeting  
Dakar, Senegal, 6 - 7 October 2016 
AIXM - e-AIP Workshop DPs & IPs


​# ​Title
DP/1 ​ Corrected Agenda
​DP/2 (a ->f) e-AIP
DP/2g IFAIMA's Role in promoting professionnalism in AIM
​DP/2h AVITECH e-AIP Capabilities & Experiences
​DP/3a THALES e-AIP Developments within TopSky-AIM Product
​DP/3b-c-d​ ​AIXM e-AIP
DP/4a-b-c ​ EUROCONTROL Specification for e-AIP
DP/4d ASECNA development & experiences on AIXM & e-AIP production
DP/4e ATNS Experiences and developments
​DP/5a-b e-AIP Specification 2.0 - Overview
​DP/5d ​ATNS e-AIP Demonstration
DP/6a​ AICM & AIXM History & Overview
​DP/6b AIXM-Purpose, Scope, Implementation & Future evolution
DP/7a​ ​AVITECH GmbH e-AIP Capabilities & Experiences
DP/7b​ ​AVITECH GmbH AIXM Capabilities & Experiences
​DP/8b THALES AIM/SWIM Challenges/Opportunities with TopSky-AIM Product line
IP-1​ Information Bulletin
IP-2​ List of DPs and IPs
IP-3 ​Programme
IP-4 ​Questionnaire
IP-5 ​Generic e-AIP Specification
IP-6 e-AIP Editors Manual
IP-7 ​e-AIP Users Manual
IP-8 e-AIP Conformity Assessment Matrix (v2.1)
IP-9 ​e-AIP Conformity Assessment Matrix (v2.1)
​IP-10 ​DQR-spec-harmonised-list-v1.1
​IP-11 e-AIP Course outline
​IP-12 ANConfWP45.3.3 ENG
IP-12​ ANConfWP45.3.3 FR




​# ​Title
​01 ​AIXM_Introduction
​02 ​UML_XML_Introduction
​03 ​AIXM5.1_UML
​04 ​AIXM_Temporality_Concept
​05 05_AIXM_XML_Schema
​06 AIXM_GML_Profile
​07 AIXM5.1_Business_Rules


AFI-CAD Meeting WPs


​01 EUROCONTROL EAD General_Dakar


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