Durban, South Africa, 24 – 29 November 2008
Special AFI RAN Report
On 1 December 2006, at the fourteenth meeting of its 179th Session, the Council of ICAO agreed that a Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Safety in Africa should be developed. The Council also noted the need for a regional air navigation (RAN) meeting which should be a checkpoint for assessing progress in implementation in the Africa-Indian Ocean (AFI) Region.
The Council decision focuses on safety in the region as it relates to implementation of the Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Safety in Africa. The Special AFI RAN Meeting (2008) will offer an opportunity to strengthen region-wide commitment to resolving deficiencies, addressing critical safety issues and developing a comprehensive work programme for the implementation of air navigation facilities and services. This forum will also serve as a platform for cooperation, bringing together States at political and technical levels, as well as service providers and users.
Who should attend?
To ensure that all the items identified in the agenda are properly discussed, it is proposed that, in addition to high-level delegates (Ministers, Directors General of Civil Aviation, regulatory authorities and other senior officials), technical experts in the flight safety, operations, airworthiness, aerodromes (certification and emergency plans), accident investigation, search and rescue and air navigation fields attend the meeting. These experts should be duly authorized to make decisions.


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