​ICAO First Meeting of the APIRG Airspace and Aerodrome Operations Sub-Group   (AAO-SG/1)


Dakar, Senegal, 29 - 31 May 2017



​WP/1​ Agenda 
​WP/2​Conclusions and Decisions review
​App A - APIRG Airspace Conclusions & Decisions
​App B - (APIRG Aerodrome Operations Conclusions & Decisions)
​WP/3​Status of implementation of Projects
​App A - Airspace (safety, capacity and efficiency)
​App B - Status Aerodrome Operations
​WP/4​Projects rationalization  prioritization V2
​App A
​WP/5​Project definition using the APIRG Standard Format
​App A - Project definition template
​WP/6Linkage between APIRG Projects under the AAO SG
​WP/7​Linkage between APIRG AAO SG and IIM SG Projects
​WP/8​ANRF Review and Update Including PIs and Metrics
​App A - AFI ANS Implementation Action Plan for AFI Region
​WP/11​AAO SG ToRs
​App A - ​AAO SG ToRs
​WP/13​Air Navigation Infrastructure Gap Analysis
​WP/14​Inputs to the APIRG First Annual Report -2016
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