2015 - Meetings

 Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport, Po Box:  38050 Dakar – Senegal
STANDARD: +221 33 869.24.24 FAX: +221 33 820.32.59
Tentative Meetings, Seminars and Workshops Programme for 2015


2ICAO TRIP Seminar19- 22  JanuaryNiamey, Niger, FHeld
3Airbus Regional Seminar for CAA Airworthiness Inspectors21-30 January Dakar, Senegal, EHeld
4the 3rd African Group Preparatory Meeting for World26 - 30  JanuaryE/FHeld
5AVSEC Certification Systems- SIP Implementation 26 - 30  JanuaryNiamey, Niger, FHeld
6Capacity Building workshop for CO2 Mitigation from International Aviation3 - 6 FebCameroon, Yaoundé,   E/F  Held
7Réunion Experts CEEAC Ebola3 - 6 FebCameroon, Yaoundé,   E/FHeld
86th WMO TECO and Regional Association I (Africa) from 2 to 10 February 2 – 12 FebPraia (Cape Verde),E/FHeld
9Fifth Meeting of the Performance Based Navigation Route Network Development17 - 20 February Dakar, Senegal, EHeld
10NCASQC Workshop23 – 27 FebDakar, Senegal, FHeld
11BAG Plenary Meeting2 – 6 MarchPraia, Cape VerdeETentative
12Training of CAPSCA Technical Advisors9 – 13 March Dakar, SenegalE/FConfirmed
1312th ATS Incident Analysis Group & Tactical Action Group meetings11 - 13 MarchJohannesburg, South AfricaE/FConfirmed
151st Regional Aviation Safety group Steering Committee Meeting19 - 20 MarchDakar, SenegalE/FTentative
16Meeting on the sustainable development of Air Transport in Africa25-27 MarchAntananarivo, MadagascarE/FConfirmed
172nd AFI SECFAL Preparatory Meeting24 – 26 MarchNairobi, Kenya, E/FConfirmed
19GSI AIRWORTHINESS7 – 23 AprilDakar, Senegal, E/FConfirmed
20ASBU Workshop7 – 10 AprilDakar, Senegal, E/FTentative
21Quality Assurance for Flight Procedure Design Process Workshop13 - 17 AprilYaoundé, Cameroon, ETentative
22Seminar/Workshop on USOAP CMA - AGA13-17 April Dakar, Senegal, E/FTentative
23Quality Assurance for Flight Procedure Design Process Workshop4-8 May Nairobi, Kenya, ETentative
24Regional Annual Safety Report Team20 - 24 AprilJohannesburg, South AfricaETentative
25ACI Africa Regional Conference21-23 April Casablanca, MoroccoE/FConfirmed
26ICAO Global Aviation Dialogues (GLADs) on market-based measures to address CO2 emissions14-15 AprilNairobi, Kenya, E/FConfirmed
27CAPSCA Symposium28-30 April Montreal, CanadaE/FConfirmed
28Brazzaville FIR Coordination Meeting4 - 8 May Yaoundé, Cameroon, FTentative
29Aeronautical Information Management’s Regulation & Oversight Group (AIMROG) meeting5-7, MayDublin, Ireland, ETentative
3014th Meeting of ATM/AIM/SAR Sub Group11 – 15 MayDakar, Senegal, E/FConfirmed
31AFI - SECFAL Initiative Meeting18 - 21 MayMaputo, Mozambique,E/FTentative
32Government Safety Inspector’s Course (OPS)18 - 30 MayJohannesburg, South AfricaETentative
33AFI Safety Symposium20 - 21 MayMaputo, Mozambique,E/FTentative
346th Meeting of the APIRG CNS Sub Group25 – 26 MayDakar, Senegal, E/FTentative
35APIRG AOP/SG/1125 – 29 MayDakar, Senegal, E/FTentative
36Civil/Military Cooperation Seminar/ Workshop26 -28 May Niamey, Niger, E/FConfirmed
37Airspace Design Workshop26 - 29 MayDakar, Senegal, ETentative
385th CNMC, 10th SAT/FIT, 20th SAT Meetings 1 - 5 JuneAbidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, EConfirmed
39Dakar FIR coordination Meeting8 – 12 JuneCameroon, Yaoundé,   FTentative
40AVSEC Certification Systems8 – 12 June Dakar, Senegal, E/FConfirmed
41Awareness Seminar on volcanic ash/contingency plan22 – 24 JuneDakar, Senegal, E/FTentative
46PANS OPS PBN Flight Procedure Design Course1 - 26 JuneDakar, Senegal, E/FConfirmed
47BAGAIA 1st Commission meeting2 - 3 June Praia, Cape Verde, ETentative
48AFISNET Project Final review meeting15 – 18 June Dakar, Senegal, E/FTentative
49USOAP CMA Workshop30 June – 2 JulyDakar, Senegal, ETentative
51Conference of African Users of Satellite for Civil Aviation (AUSCA)6-8 July Dakar, Senegal, ETentative
52USAP-CMA for National Coordinators Seminar7 - 9 July Dakar, Senegal, E/Fconfirmed
53Meeting on Air Cargo Development for Africa8 – 9 July TBDETentative
55ANS Coordination Meeting for Seamless ATM/CNS services (A-R 5)14-16  July 2015TBDETentative
564th ATU Preparatory Meeting13 – 16 JulyNairobi, Kenya, ETentative
57Airspace Integration Meeting for ECOWAS States27 - 30 July 2015TBDETentative
58Aerodrome Certification Seminar3 – 7 July 2015Dakar, Senegal, E/FTentative
59PANS OPS Flight Procedure Design Initial Course10 august - 4 September Dakar, Senegal, E/FTentative
60AFI PLAN AIG Workshop17 – 21 August Johannesburg, South AfricaETentative
61AIM/SWIM Seminar for the AFI Region17-19 August 2015Dakar, Senegal, E/FTentative
62Start-up workshop for BO-DATM Service Improvement through Digital Aeronautical Information Management Projects20-21 August 2015Dakar, Senegal, ETentative
63ICG-ASBU Implementation Coordination-WACAF Office24 – 28 AugustDakar, Senegal, ETentative
644th ANSPs Meeting1 – 4 September 2015Johannesburg, South AfricaETentative
65Joint Aviation Security Seminar for the “Mediterranean”9 - 10 September Dakar, Senegal, E/FConfirmed
66AFI - SECFAL Steering Committee Meeting14 – 18 SeptemberPraia, Cape VerdeE/FTentative
67OPS approval Course14 – 18 SeptemberAbidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, EConfirmed
68Workshop on the Interconnection of Surveillance Systems & SSR Data exchange28-30 September Dakar, Senegal, ETentative
70Formation DGAC/BEA Enqueteur accident5 –  16 OctoberDakar, Senegal, EConfirmed
7123rd SNMC Meeting5 - 9 OctoberKumasi, Ghana, ETentative
73APIRG/20, RASG/AFI/3, DGCA/6 Meetings12 - 21 OctoberPraia, Cape Verde, E/FTentative
742nd AFPP Steering Committee19-OctPraia, Cape Verde, E/FConfirmed
75DGCA Training22 - 23 OctoberPraia, Cape Verde, E/FTentative
76AVSEC Risk Management Workshop19 – 23 OctoberDakar, Senegal, ETentative
77ATM Contingency Planning27 – 30 OctoberTBDETentative
78Workshop on ATN Ground/Ground Systems AIDC & VoIP- Workshop on the assesment of Air/Ground Communication (Voice and Data)27 -31 OctoberNairobi, Kenya, ETentative
79PANS OPS PBN Flight Procedure Design Course3 – 27 November Dakar, Senegal, E/FConfirmed
80Start-up workshop for the B0-AMET PFF-1 Project5 NovemberDakar, Senegal, ETentative
81Aircraft Operations and Airworthiness Seminar/Workshop9 – 13 NovemberGaborone, BotswanaETentative
82Start-up workshop for the B0-AMET PFF-2 Project9 – 11 NovemberNairobi, Kenya, ETentative
83IFATCA Africa and Middle East Regional Meeting11 – 13 November Accra, GhanaEConfirmed
84GTS Network coordination meeting16 – 20 NovemberTBDFTentative
85Capacity building workshop for CO2 mitigation from International aviation25-28 NovemberTBDE/FConfirmed
86ECCAIRS Technical & End Users’ Course1 – 9 DecemberNairobi, Kenya, ETentative
87ITU World Radiocommunication Conference WRC 20151 – 12 DecemberGeneva, EConfirmed
88Atelier sur la surveillance des hélistations14 – 18 DecemberDakar, SenegalFConfirmed
89PBN Training Workshop for ATM7-11 DecemberKampala, Uganda, E/FTentative





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