Crisis Management

Duration: 5 days

Short description:

Target population:

This is a specialized course designed for aviation security middle and senior management personnel who have been assigned to organize, plan, conduct and assess aviation security crisis management exercises to ensure that the overall crisis management system is properly prepared and to determine the effectiveness of crisis management plans and procedures.


Staff at the mid to senior management level of organizations within a State who have been assigned responsibility under that State’s National Civil Aviation Security Programme to evaluate and maintain the effectiveness of the crisis management portion of the response to acts of unlawful interference occurring within that State.

Course objectives:

Entry requirements:

Enable selected security personnel to:

  • explain the need for a crisis management plan to respond to major security emergencies occurring at airports;

  • describe the essential components of a crisis management team;

  • identify the composition and function of a crisis management team;

  • describe the essential facilities necessary in support of a planned response to crises; and

  • list the system testing feature necessary to ensure currency in crisis management plans.

Trainees should satisfy the following criteria:

  • have written and oral command of the language of instruction;

  • at least three (3) years experience in a management/supervisory position within organizations mentioned in the target population;

  • it is desirable that trainees should have attended a specialized aviation security management course.

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