The Aviation Security Professional Management Course (PMC) is the most advanced aviation security training programme in existence today which carries a formal designation (AVSEC PM), making it the first of its kind globally.


The programme was developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in collaboration with the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University in 2004. Its aim is to provide aviation security middle and senior management personnel with new management skills and a greater understanding of the application of the Standards and Recommended Practices contained in Annex 17, while maintaining a creative and pedagogic philosophy. Emphasis is also placed on the use of the ICAO Security Manual (Doc 8973) Restricted.


These unique skills and understanding have become mandatory in today’s aviation environment, as aviation security management personnel are required to perform more complex and diverse tasks and display greater communicative and management skills to meet new and emerging threats to civil aviation. The training methodology blends classroom and distance instruction via a web management system. This holistic approach not only establishes the uniqueness of the programme but also provides a flexible and stimulating learning environment to facilitate the hectic working environment of aviation security management personnel.


This predominantly web-based programme utilizes an innovative online classroom approach developed jointly by ICAO and the Executive Centre (Aviation Management Programs) of the John Molson School of Business of Concordia University. It fosters a common understanding of ICAO Annex 17 and the Security Manual and promotes the use of management principles, best practices,  intra and inter-regional cooperation.


The programme comprised of 70% security and 30% management is devised for air transportation industry managers, or future managers, whose functions involve responsibilities in the area of aviation security. This course contains two face-to-face sessions, each lasting 5 days. The first is at the beginning and the second is at the end of the training. The location of each session varies from one region to another in order to attract international and multi-cultural participation within the same group.


To further establish the uniqueness of the PMC, students successfully completing the programme have permanent access to an exclusive e-network community of aviation security experts who have successfully completed the PMC curriculum. This community facilitates the sharing of information and optimizes the diffusion of knowledge relevant to international aviation security requirements and best practices, training strategies and promotes intra-regional and international cooperation amongst its members.



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