AVSEC Assistance

Assistance to the Member States  

One of the major activities of Implementation Support and Development Section (Security) (ISD-SEC) is the provision of assistance to the Member States in support of their efforts to rectify deficiencies identified under the Universal Security Audit Programme − Continuous Monitoring Approach (USAP-CMA) and to comply with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).


ICAO’s aviation security-related assistance and capacity-building activities are delivered under the framework of the Aviation Security Assistance and Capacity Building Strategy. This Strategy lays out a framework under which the aviation security needs of Member States are identified, and a roadmap to an effective national aviation security system compliant with SARPs is implemented. The success of this strategy is centered on Aviation Security Improvement Plans (ASIPs) that are developed in partnership between ICAO and the assisted State, and incorporate a role for other assistance providers, such as regional organizations and other Member States.

Regional Assistance

In order to further develop regionalized aviation security assistance to States and continue to foster regional cooperation and partnerships, Regional Officers - Aviation Security and Facilitation (ROs-ASF) have been recruited for the Bangkok, Cairo, Dakar, Lima, Mexico City, Nairobi and Paris Regional Offices. ROs-ASF serve as the primary focal point for States requiring assistance with respect to audits and general assistance in the implementation of Annex 17. They have also assumed the responsibility of being the operational focal point for all training activities within their respective regions. Additionally, they actively provide ISD-SEC with advice regarding regional training needs and regionalized assistance.

Global Cooperation 

ISD-SEC continues to identify partners and processes to provide precise data to develop and populate performance metrics to determine the effectiveness of capacity building activities in a timely manner; both within the organization and in partnership with other entities.


Additionally, ISD-SEC encourages the exchange of information between States to promote mutual confidence in the level of aviation security between States.



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