AVSEC Instructors

​Please note that there is a difference between an ICAO Aviation Security (AVSEC) National Instructors Course and the ICAO Certification Process for AVSEC Instructors.

The ICAO Certification Process for AVSEC Instructors is comprised of a two-phase blended learning approach. The online segment (Phase I) provides the participants with the administrative knowledge required to conduct ICAO AVSEC training. Each participant is required to complete this segment and complete the progress and mastery tests in order to advance to the classroom segment.


The five-day classroom segment (Phase II) covers the instructional techniques (theoretical and practical) specified by the ICAO Instructor Competency Framework, as well as the ISD-SEC Programme. Each participant will be required to complete all classroom evaluations, which include a progress test and a mastery test in each module. Participants must also complete a subject-matter expert (SME) written examination that is based on Annex 17, the ICAO Aviation Security Manual (Doc 8973 - Restricted) and ICAO AVSEC training materials.


Only participants who successfully complete Phase I, Phase II, and the SME exam, will be recognized as ICAO-certified AVSEC instructors. Participants who gain this recognition will be called upon by ICAO to deliver AVSEC training within the ASTC Network and/or as part of ICAO AVSEC assistance projects. The release of ICAO-certified AVSEC instructors by States, in support of ICAO training and capacity-development activities, is considered a significant contribution to the ICAO AVSEC Programme. Therefore, it is essential that each nominee has the support and endorsement of a State’s Appropriate Authority, as well as that of their current employer, if a different entity, to be released for short-term assignments.


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