Protection of Civil Aviation Infrastructure Against Unmanned Aircraft

2023-12-14_16-26-34.jpgThe threat posed by the misuse of Umanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) is a rising concern, especially as it pertains to the reckless or unlawful incursion of such aircraft in regulated airspace and on or around airports. To address this threat and mitigate the inherent risks, ICAO has developed guidance material aimed at assisting stakeholders in protecting civil aviation infrastructure from UAS, and in undertaking appropriate coordination and consultation with all involved stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach thereto.

It is important to note that this document does not consider the safety, certification and air traffic management issues surrounding the legitimate use of unmanned aircraft (UA) for transportation or other commercial or professional purposes. Rather, it focuses on measures that might be taken by States to prevent, respond to, or mitigate the impacts of acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation using UA. For more information on the safety aspects of UAS operations, please head to the following page:

Complementary to this document, stakeholders are invited to peruse the collection of publicly available guidance material, policies and other relevant documentation on the topic of UAS risk mitigation posted by Airports Council International (ACI) at the following address:

Protection of Civil Aviation Infrastructure Against Unmanned Aircraft


UA Incursion Threat Assessment Form (Word file)


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