Guidance Material on Aircraft Operator Security Programmes (AOSP) and Supplementary Station Procedures​ (SSP)

As Amendment 18 to Annex 17 — Aviation Security (applicable on 18 November 2022) introduced new and updated provisions (Standards 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 refer) on the establishment, implementation and maintenance of aircraft operator security programmes (AOSP) and supplementary station procedures (SSP), the ICAO Secretariat has published updated guidance material aimed at facilitating the application of those provisions by Member States and commercial aircraft operators alike. In order to fulfil aviation security obligations under Annex 17, National Civil Aviation Security Programmes (NCASP) and associated regulations, commercial aircraft operators should, among other requirements:


a)            establish, implement and maintain an AOSP that meets the requirements of the NCASP of the State of the Operator; and


b)            establish, implement and maintain written SSPs, annexed to the AOSP, that meet any requirements of the NCASP of other States where operations are conducted that are not addressed in the AOSP.


While the full guidance material can be found in the ICAO Aviation Security Manual (Doc 8973 – Restricted), 13th Edition (to be published by November 2022), an abridged, non-restricted version of the guidance can be downloaded below. 


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