Incident Reporting Guidance and Taxonomy

As mandated by Annex 17 – Aviation Security, States must ensure that their national civil aviation security programme defines processes for the reporting of information concerning incidents of acts of unlawful interference and preparatory acts thereto, by any entity responsible for the implementation of the national civil aviation security programme in a practical and timely manner to the relevant authorities.


To assist stakeholders in this endeavour, ICAO has developed guidance material on the implementation of a reporting system, and established a common taxonomy, in an effort to structure and harmonize the reporting process of aviation security occurrences and incidents.


As threats to civil aviation are constantly evolving, it is paramount to keep up with changing environments, operational requirements, and regulatory obligations in order to mitigate the threats and risks to the international civil aviation system as a whole. This guidance material will therefore be updated accordingly and as necessary. You are thus invited to periodically check this page for a newer version of the document or contact for more information. 


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