Recognition of Equivalence of Security Measures - One-Stop Security (OSS)

2023-09-18_17-58-56.pngThe recognition of equivalence of aviation security measure relates to the acceptance and formal approval by a State that security measures carried out in another State are at least equivalent, in terms of the security outcome, to its own security measures. Such approval may be in respect of one, multiple or all security measures (e.g. passenger screening, hold baggage screening and cargo). Formal arrangements are often referred to as one-stop security agreements, or OSS for short. OSS agreements enable the avoidance of unnecessary duplication of security controls and increase the global sustainability of the aviation security system, and provide for a more straightforward transfer process for passengers and their belongings resulting in shorter connections, fewer missed connections and fewer missing bags at destination.

This document is designed to assist stakeholders in recognizing the equivalence of security measures between States and/or airport operators, and consequently establishing relevant arrangements such as OSS agreements. It also includes a Model Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Mutual Recognition of Aviation Security Measures for One-Stop Security and Other Arrangements  between relevant parties.


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