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Instructions regarding the preparation of Working papers / Information papers

Considering the limited time for the meeting, the discussion at the meeting will focus on the key issues. If you intend to submit working papers, you may want to review the Secretariat’s basic documentation before doing so.

Working papers should be limited to four pages of text including attachments. As a matter of policy, working papers of more than four pages are no longer translated by the Organization. Unless exceptional circumstances prevail, longer papers will have to be presented as information papers in the language(s) of submission only. If the subject of such longer papers is considered essential to the meeting’s work, a summary of not more than four pages should be produced for translation.
Only working papers submitted by States will be translated. Information papers and papers received from international organizations are no longer translated by the Organization and will be processed in the language(s) of submission only.
The documentation should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format to as far in advance of the meeting as practicable but not later than 1 February 2013 in order to permit translation, reproduction and posting in due time prior to the meeting. Working papers and information papers received after 1 February 2013, but not later than 4 March 2013, will be processed as promptly as possible in the language(s) in which they are submitted.
Please select the appropriate template to prepare a paper for this conference. The paragraph numbering is automatic.
Templates​ Language​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Working Paper Template (MS Word format)​ ​en ​fr es ​ru ar ​zh
​Information paper Template (MS Word format) en ​fr ​es ​ru ​ar ​zh
The documentation for the meeting will be placed on the ATConf/6 website on an ongoing basis. As time available for the discussion of the working papers is very limited due to the expected number of working papers, a presentation time of two minutes per working paper will be strictly adhered to; you are invited to prepare an appropriate introduction so that you make the most significant points within that time period.
To facilitate the timely reproduction of the documentation and its use by the meeting, you are requested to observe the rules governing the format, content and the length of working papers as outlined herein.
It is important to note that the deadline for submission of documentation will be strictly enforced and no additional documentation will be accepted for distribution at the site of the meeting.
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​Agenda en fr es ru ar zh
​Administrative Arrangements  en fr ​es ru ar zh
​Documentation Arrangements for Divisional-type Meeting en fr es ​ru ar zh


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